Happy 2018!

How has your 2017 shaped up?  This is the time of reflection and your New Year starts off with 365 blank pages to create, invent, plan and dream. The personal side of the New Year is that we all have a few goals and resolutions we want to make. So what better time to focus

Around The Bluhmin’ Town 10/5/16

Here is a snippet of my 10/5/16 article: “My teenage grandson, Brandon, made me watch it. He laid out his case, as if he were practicing for a debate (telling me it would be fun), so that I had no excuse except to turn on the television, make a bowl of popcorn and suffer through

Autumn Is Here!

Now is the time to display the pumpkins! Bring out the autumn wreaths, use orange hues to refresh the house with throw pillows, place settings and get ready for a great selling season! Interest rates are low and so are inventories!  If you are buying or selling, now might be the time!